Application Form Quality Label Infrared


Application for the Quality Label Infrared requires that suppliers and their products meet a number of requirements. When registering, the supplier must declare for each requirement that he and the product meet that requirement and needs to provide documentation as proof or  substantiation. After answering all questions about compliance with the requirements and providing the documentation, the supplier must declare that he has answered the questions truthfully. The foundation relies on the expertise of Peutz for the assessment of the application. Peutz will provide an expert judgment based on the application and provided documentation.  The foundation that manages the register of Quality Labels cannot therefore guarantee the accuracy of the application. By using the register as a source of information about suitable infrared heating panels, the user accepts that the foundation does not control the correct answer and that the foundation and all organizations and persons involved cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from the unsuitability , whether or not on the basis of non-compliance with any requirement, of registered infrared heating panels.

The foundation appreciates any complaints regarding the registration of suppliers and products, provided they are well-founded and documented. The foundation will then decide at its own discretion on any measures to be taken. By using the registry as an information source for suitable infrared heating panels, the user accepts that the foundation may, for its own reasons, decide not to take any measures or to take different measures than those advocated by the complaining party.

The documentation that is submitted by and is traceable to individual applicants will be treated as confidential and will only be accessible by representatives of the foundation for the purpose of application assessment and Peutz. The sharing of this documentation with anyone other than the applicant, representatives of the foundation and Peutz is strictly prohibited. Only in case of written consent by the applicant can the information be shared with any party other that the aforementioned parties.

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